The Role of Team Manager


Team Managers!

The success of your team is in the hands of its Team Manager! These are wonderful people who put their hand up to coordinate the routine tasks required to get their teams on court.

Broadly speaking, the role of The Manager for Byron Bay NC is as follows:

  • Email the team once per week to confirm your players for training and that weekend's match
  • Communicate with the Coach any issues 
  • Collect and complete the score card before Saturday matches
  • Ensure each player has a uniform at the start of the season
  • Creating and ensuring a roster of parents participate in Desk and Canteen duty

Within that, ideally you would be working towards the following:

  • Be the 'Gate Keeper' between the parents and the coach
  • Feeding into the coach any intel you feel they need
  • Being a 'Sounding Board' for the coach to bounce ideas around with
  • Ensuring players have their registrations in on time for the season; rep applications etc
  • Producing any additional statistics 
  • Uploading match reports to the BBNC website

We are committed to your enjoyment of the role and look forward to working with you.