The Role of Umpire

Why Umpire?

UmpireUmpires are ESSENTIAL for games to be played, and Byron Bay NC is committed to ensuring that our umpires are supported and feel like the ROCK STARS that they are!

Umpiring provides an outstanding and unique opportunity to experience leadership and responsibility. 

 Of course there is the necessity to develop an intimate understanding of the game's rules, but there are also invaluable LIFE SKILLS that are inherently required of an umpire:

                1. Accepting responsibility
                2. Using ones voice to be heard (by the players and the spectators)
                3. Making decisions that impact others
                4. Having confidence in one's decision making
                5. Direction of people to do what you instruct
                6. Compassion and a willingness to serve whilst observing the rules of the collective 
                7. Being coachable 
                8. Being humble (developing as an umpire is an ever evolving life long craft -  there is ALWAYS the 'next thing')
                9. Using ones' manner as a tool for communication (hand signals, body language, tone of voice)

How Byron Bay NC Supports Our Umpires

  • By ensuring our Senior Umpires are available to our junior umpires via the Brunswick Byron NA umpires program
  • Identifying keen umpires and supporting them into the umpiring pathways provided by Brunswick Byron NA and Netball NSW
  • Rewarding umpires with recognition when they complete key milestones in their development

Umpiring on Saturdays

  1. Byron Bay NC supports Brunswick Byron NA in the administration and promotion of the PAID UMPIRE PROGRAM

  2. Competent umpires will be paid according to a new sliding scale dependant upon skills and accreditation or 'Badge' level

  3. Byron Bay NC is committed to providing as many PAID pathways for our umpires via our association with both Brunswick Byron NA and Love Netball - forming opportunities for umpires to earn $$ comparable to working part time in other local businesses.

  4. There has NEVER been a better time to be an umpire!!!