The Role of The Coach

Thank you for considering this role! This guide will grow over time and with feedback from our coaching team.

It is a great place to start when considering or clarifying your role as the 'Coach' of your team.

Netball Australia's Welcome

Coaches play a vital role in the sport of Netball through their interaction with their players, managers, and in conjunction with their Association who are committed to providing education, development and resources for coaches at all levels to increase their knowledge and understanding of the game.  

It is also important that coaches are valued for their role and enjoy a fun and rewarding experience along their coaching pathway.

Coaches provide a safe environment for their players which leads to and builds on skill development, tactical awareness, teamwork and enjoyment of the game.  The role of the coach is imperative to the continued success of the game and athletes from the grassroots program (ANZ NetSetGO) to the elite level (ANZ Championship & Australian Diamonds).

Netball Australia intends to drive and develop a structured netball coaching community, allowing the opportunity for coaches at all levels to interact and learn with, and from, each other.  

Good luck with your coaching and thank you for playing a pivotal role within the sport.


Byron Bay Netball Club Expectations

The future of our club rests on the shoulders of our Coaches! These are the people who dedicate themselves to the development of our players. Possibly one of the most rewarding ways of spending 2 hours of their week, our coaches love what they do - and our club fosters a culture of continuing development.

Broadly speaking, the role of the coach for Byron Bay NC is as follows:

  • Plan and Conduct 1 weekly training session 
  • Manage the players at the weekly Saturday games
  • Engage with your team in an empowering way that has them enjoy their netball
  • Be their CHAMPION in all things netball!  :-D

Within that, ideally you would be working towards the following:

  • Creating Sessions that develop your players in the core skills of netball
  • Creating and developing 'Court Partnerships' between players who compliment each other
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in your opposition and planning your team line up based on those observations
  • Developing the Strengths in your players
  • Encouraging your players to pursue their interests in netball - for example; in representative pathways and/or umpiring & coaching

The club will support you with:

We are committed to your enjoyment of the role.  Whilst coaching is certainly challenging (and there are times in the season you will want to throw the whole thing in), ultimately it is one of the most rewarding activities you can do with your child.