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Winter Season 2022

Please purchase a Byron Bay Netball Club uniform if you don't already have one as in 2022 all players from NetSetGo to the Seniors team will be wearing our club uniform.
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Our Club

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Byron Bay Netball Club - an inclusive club for players of all ages. We provide the opportunity to participate in year round organised netball games and training programs.

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Winter Season 2022

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NetsetGO Junior (skills)

NetsetGO Senior Team (competition)

 - Under 12's Team

                             - Under 17's Team

                             - Senior Team 

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Play for Byron Bay

We are welcoming players of all ages to participate with our club in 2022.

  • 6 to 8 Years NetSetGo Junior skills - participate in a 'beginner' series, introducing younger players to the foundation skills of netball.  Registrations open soon - the program is at 12:00pm on Saturdays for 8 weeks commencing the 30th April 2022.
  • 8 to 10 Years NetSetGo Senior Competition - play a modified form of netball called NetSetGO!  Played on Grass Courts at 12:00pm on Saturdays, training at the Cavanbah Centre on Wednesday.  Each team will require the volunteer time of a parent Coach and a Manager.  Training Commences on 2nd March - Games start on 12th March 2022.
  • 10 to 13 Years Under 12's Team - play full rules netball on hard courts at 12:30pm on Saturdays.  Training at the Cavanbah Centre on Wednesdays.  Each team will require the volunteer time of a parent Coach and a Manager. Training Commences on 2nd of March - Games start on 12th March 2021.
  • 14 and Up Under 17's and Seniors Team - play on Saturdays at either 1:45pm or 3:30pm.  Each team will require a manager.  Teams playing in theUnder 17's division will require a parent Coach.  Seniors have optional training on Wednesday evenings. Training Commences in March - Games start on 12th March 2022.


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Our Manifesto

  • Netball is one of the greatest opportunities to bring people together. 
  • We know that playing team sport makes us feel good. 
  • We are happy to assume responsibility to ourselves and our team-mates to be able to play each week.  
  • We understand that our children learn key social and physical skills that empower them way beyond the confines of the court.  
  • We all work together as a community to support each other!
  • We welcome EVERYONE to participate and contribute to our vision